Stories that Move

Stories that Move is a project I’ve been meaning to do since I started going to different places in the Philippines and meeting different people. I could not seem to find the time to do it until a pandemic strike us all.

The coronavirus is not the greatest tragedy that ever happened to mankind. Our refusing to be moved is the greatest tragedy. We see a hungry man on the street yet we never bother to fish for some loose change in our purse. We witness an accident and instead of calling for help, we put out our phones to capture. We see injustices and atrocities in our society, but we are too busy not to care or share. We refuse to be moved; we’d rather not move.

But if we dig in beneath the scenes we see, we can realize that in every heart lies a story that wishes to be told. A story that thugs to other hearts, spring life onto it and breathes a new hope. We’ve all got stories to tell. Stories that made us or broke us, tales of a past we cringe at the thought of, narratives of lessons learned, experiences acquired and scenes witnessed. And in these stories is where we find our connectedness despite our differences in status, beliefs, affiliation. Stories that Move would like to tell as much stories to unite what has been divided, pick up what was lost and maybe make something complex clear.

It is a high time that we move. And we shall do this with one story at a time.