Serendipity – finding something good without looking for it.

It was serendipity, was how she described finding love and a job she loves. But I pressed on the story of her…job! (I know you kinda guessed love.) 

Vedalisa’s career began in a government corporation as a contractual employee under the office of the President. It was February of 1994.

“After giving birth, the twins were almost two months, I wasn’t even looking for a job yet because I was enjoying the babies. Then I got this call from a friend who asked me if I want to help them out their office, so I said sure why not,” she said.

A year after, Lisa said she became a permanent employee under the Corporate Planning where she rose among the ranks, starting as the section chief under Strategic Planning. This is where she had the chance to speak and discuss pressing matters with the members of the Management Committee, the corporation’s governing body.

“My exposure with ManCom was very helpful, I would say, in my line now, cause I got to learn how to deal with the higher ups, and [at the same time] to communicate properly with the staff from the different functional groups,” she shared.

It sure paid off to have great friends because 10 years after, Liza got another call from another friend.

“Internal Audit’s Senior Department Manager is leaving for the states, you might want to apply,” her friend said.

She got the position, not right away but after she was prepared for it.

“From a macro corporate point of view, naging micro naman ngayon kasi in Internal Audit, we look at the nitty gritty details, we look at the system and determine where we can improve, how we can make the system more efficient, how we can help out the different groups in following the policies or maybe we can help improve the policies,” Lisa said.

The road from being a contractual employee to senior department manager was long and trodden with challenges. What was her best takeaway from the ride? Lisa pointed her finger upward and said, “Trust [Him]. Just trust, kasi even if you want something very badly, if that’s not meant for you, then He will try to lead you where you are supposed to be. You are always where you are supposed to be, that’s how I see it.”

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