I still find myself refusing to call her my ‘best friend.’ If there is a way to navigate away from dropping the ‘bomb’ label, I would do so. I would tell people about my ‘close friend’ or ‘a good friend of mine’. However, my stories give me away sometimes because friends would always catch me saying her name a few times over. ‘Sabi nga ni Madz, blah blah blah,” I would say or quote. Haha!

On her wedding day three months ago, a friend of ours asked me how we met. Of all the days to be asked about details, that day was the worst to do so because I was still high on anaesthesia. Lol. I got away with the question by answering, ‘in 2011, in a church community.’

Today, allow me to expound my answer to that question and to honor this friend who taught me a lot through the years.


People who are meant to be in your life will gravitate to you

Madz and I went to the same university during college. We probably met in a sea of 20,000 students but never got the chance to meet or at least hang out in the same table at the cafeteria.

In 2011, we met in a church community where we were both servants. We blossomed into friends and started hanging out. None of the things that we talked about then I can remember. What I remember is how our friendship deepened in the last few months of 2014. We were on different journeys but our heartbreaks and disappointments were parallel. It kept us together. We both made sense of the pain and figured out the trove of lessons that life was slapping us with.

Ahm, excuse me po sa first photo namin na magkasama. haha!


If you’re dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough

Madz reminded me to dream big. She did this not by lecturing me on leadership and personal development but through her own attempts in finding her own formula for success. In a span of a year (I think) after quitting from engineering practice, Madz went from making and selling her own longganisa to establishing her own store for religious items. She was such a fast learner that her failures did not scathe her but challenged her even more.

While she was doing the entire thing, I on the other hand, contemplated on my own mess and dreams. I almost resigned from my job too thinking I could write full time and earn. Then I realized, my job does not only finance my art but I could write my stuff alongside with what I write at work. (Anoba te, swerte nga dahil you work by doing what you love. Haha)

With much prayers and hard work, we finally discovered where we’ll devote our energies into. Madz will pursue writing and business; I will pursue writing and public service (guys, passionate pala ako pagiging serbisyo publiko. Huhu). And we both have designed grand plans to reach our grand dreams.


Be cool and calm yet strong and determined

Someone wise said that for every dream we realize, a new one must take its place. But did you know that life also holds the same principle. For every problem/struggle overcame, comes bigger ones to conquer.  My friend here is a testament to that.

Madz would call me when something seemingly unbearable is happening. She would tell me in tears and I would listen. Sometimes, her stories of struggles will highlight our dates. But in the midst of it all, she can still smile and laugh at herself which reminds me of a swan that traverses the river in grace yet paddles furiously beneath the water.

And this is what I like to honor her the most for – for exuding grace in the middle of a storm, for being so calm yet remaining resolute. A true testament that God’s grace and provision is more than enough.

All praises to Him who works in you, Madz. All glory for Him who is the author of our lives. 💛

It was always Jesus who brought us into new territories and it will always be Jesus who will bring us through.



We had dinner before she flew for Qatar and build her own family. We parted as if nothing major will happen in our friendship. As in, we may not see each other for years. I was looking for some drama in us such as ‘Will you miss me? Coz I will miss you.’ However, I could find none. Probably because we had enough of those. Haha! Also because, I am genuinely happy for her and I trust the universe that this is in order.

Japanese, ftw! Feeling ko pinagbigyan lang nya ako sa favorite ko. haha.


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