Welcome to my little space on the internet

Sun x Sea x Sky. What a better way to spend the day.

Hello! I’m Neri and I warmly welcome you here in my virtual space.

This is the nth time that I’m writing my bio for my blog (from Multiply to Tumblr to WordPress and in betweens). I seem to run out of things to say about me except for the fact that I am changing through the years, thus the change of narrative in this section.

Well, I still like yellow and pasta like what I used to say. I still love the rain and I remain an introvert although I no longer use that as an excuse not to go out and meet people when I have to. I still like reading but today, I’ve grown to love more authors. From Liz Gilbert, Edmund Chan and Khaled Hosseini, I now read Anne Lamott, Haemin Sunim and Simon Sinek. If you are a reader too, you could now make an inference of what kind of person I am based on those authors alone (I think?).

From only dreaming of engaging in physical activity five years ago, I now attend yoga classes (in real class before the corona, virtual class today). I still love Jesus and I am trying more than ever to follow Him today.

A lot of things have changed since I began this blog in 2015. In fact, some of the things I wrote here may no longer be true to me. Some paragraphs here will surely make me cringe today. But I thought of keeping everything here to have something to look back to. Somehow, this page chronicles my journey as a writer although a huge chunk of it is contained on real papers tucked in my bookshelves at home. 

I hope you enjoy dropping by on this page. Feel free to share with me a story, an experience or a thought; I love reading mails!

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